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box sash window styles

These are manufactured to entirely replicate the traditional box manufactured since Victorian times. Prime usage will be to match those in listed buildings or conservation areas.

Available in any configuration or size. There can be double or triple sashes per window and combined in blocks, although three is the usual maximum.

As they are for use in listed buildings they will usually be only for single putty glazing, although an updated version is available,
to meet current glazing regulations, where permitted.

Configurations include:
  • Traditional multi light glazing with any suitable moulding specified.
  • Arched sashes with arched glazing bars, in either straight or arched heads.
  • Curved sashes and frames, incorporating either curved or straight panes.

Available in ‘Venetian’ configuration, which is a centre opening box flanked by smaller boxes each side, the sashes of which are fixed. This allows the weight boxes for the central sashes to be on the outside, the cords running over the fixed sashes, thus allowing a slim dividing mullion to act as the moving sashes runner.

Available in treated softwood or hardwood at your option. Sills are always hardwood unless required otherwise. Composite sills with softwood on the inside and hardwood on the exterior are available.

Can be made with inward opening feature to meet certain building regulation, or fire escape, requirements.


By incorporating ‘Grid system’ beading, which lies over a single sealed unit, the appearance of narrow traditional bars can be retained. The draught-stripping is unobtrusive and the trickle ventilators are un-noticeable from the outside, with only an adjustable grille seen on the inside. These improvements are achieved with such little impact on the visual appearance that they are sometimes allowed to be incorporated in listed buildings.

The windows can also be manufactured with spiral spring balances instead of traditional weights and cords where there is insufficient reveal cover for a full weight box.